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Date: 11th July 2020


15 facts about Nigeria. Number 8 will sadden you.

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Here are some funny facts about the *Gaint of Africa*
1. It is the most populous country in Africa
2. Over 500 indigenous languages are spoken throughout the country
3. Social Media is very popular in Nigeria.
4. Home to the richest man in Africa.
5. There are more than 250 Ethnic Groups
6. Oil is one of the biggest exports of the country
7. Lagos is the largest city, but it’s not the capital
8. The movie industry is known as Nollywood.
9. The life expectancy is just 55.2 years
10. Nigeria is a member of the British Commonwealth.
11.The Nigerian flag was designed by Taiwo Akinkunmi in 1959
12.The Eagle is the Nigerian national animal
13.Football is the national sport
14.The highest point is Chappal Waddi at 7936 ft (2,419 meters above the sea)
15.The name Nigeria is derived from Niger, which is the longest river in West Africa

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