Could This Former ‘Bachelor’ Be Heading to ‘Paradise’?

The cast of 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

ABC The cast of ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’

Bachelor in Paradise may or may not air after the current season of The Bachelor, but the uncertainty isn’t stopping people from wondering who will be asked to hit the beach to find love.

On Tuesday, January 5, ABC executive Robert Mills sat down for a chat with Julia Cunningham, host of SiriusXM’s “The Bachelor Recap.” According to Us Weekly, Cunningham asked Mills about Bachelor Peter Weber’s recent split from Kelley Flanagan — and specifically about whether or not he’d like to see Pilot Pete in Paradise. His answer? Yes.

As previously reported by Heavy, Weber announced his split from Flanagan in a lengthy Instagram caption on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s what you need to know:

ABC Executive Robert Mills Said He Would ‘Absolutely’ Love to See Peter Weber on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

While casting hasn’t started for the new season of Bachelor-in-Paradise, a newly single former Bachelor may be just the thing to kickstart the chatter surrounding the highly-anticipated show — and it sounds like Mills agrees.

“Oh, that’s interesting. Wow, I love that idea! Absolutely, yeah. I wanna say, and I could be wrong here, but I’m almost positive I remember this: there were discussions about [former Bachelor] Chris Soules and some stuff happened. But I like the idea of Peter in ‘Paradise’,” Mills told Cunningham.

Whether or not Weber would do the show is another question — he hasn’t exactly had the best luck with the women he’s met through the Bachelor franchise (Hannah Brown, Hannah-Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett, and, now, Kelley Flanagan)

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7 Has no Planned Return Date, But Chris Harrison Confirmed They Will Film ‘in Time’

Bachelor in Paradise has been put on indefinite hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. The show, which places more than a dozen former Bachelor/ette cast members together in a beach house in Mexico, hasn’t filmed due to travel limitations and quarantine concerns. However, the show will eventually return, according to its host, Chris Harrison.

“Obviously, we didn’t shoot last summer, so now we are going to have multiple seasons, it’s going to be a murderers’ row of choices of people. And I mean, I hate to say this, but there’s going to be people left on the bench that we love just because you can only have so many people on that beach. And right now, the plan is we’re moving forward. Clearly, we are like the rest of the world. This vaccine is on the horizon, there is hope on the horizon and where there’s hope, there’s roses and there’s ‘The Bachelor.’ We’re always right there,” Harrison previously told Us Weekly.

Harrison went on to say that he’s hopeful that BiP will air sometime in June.

“In all seriousness, our dream scenario is Bachelorette is next. That’s our normal schedule. You know, we shot The Bachelor in the normal timeframe, we’re going to shoot Bachelorette in the normal timeframe — this winter/spring — and then that’ll lead us into hopefully the Bachelor in Paradise that we normally have in June. … I’m not Anthony Fauci here, but my dream is that the vaccine is working by then and we’re right back to normal,” he explained.

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