OMB Peezy Drops Off “Be This Way”

OMB Peezy had 2020 on lock. Over the course of the year, he kept a steady stream of fresh music in rotation for the streets and often accompanied each release with a visual. Needless to say, he’s been working and as his profile’s grown in the rap game, he’s positioning himself to have a big year ahead.

Peezy’s weekly offerings in 2020 won’t be ending just because we’ve entered a new year. The rapper’s already kicking things off on a high note. This week, he returned with his new record, “Be This Way.” The rapper’s melodious delivery describes the resilience and thick skin that he’s acquired to move forward even in the darkest times.

Each release gets better. We’re excited to hear a new project from him.

Quotable Lyrics
I was in the Bay but a n***a in the A now
You in the street but do you know how that K sound?
Had a bad bitch singin’ like a Drake song
You ’bout to make it back, know the feds on the way now 
Overkill, leave a n***a dead if he play ’round

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