YN Jay & Lil Yachty Offers Laughs On “HAHAHA”

YN Jay isn’t the type of rapper that you admire for his technical skill or thoughtfully constructed bars. The appeal pretty much boils down to the sheer ridiculousness of his bars. And he’s in on the joke, too. So much so that his latest single is titled, “HAHAHA” and banks off of his bold, ridiculous, and often inappropriate bars. “Freak bitch never had good dick, I finna hump this bitch,” he raps within 30-seconds of pressing play. “Freak bitch forgot to put fuckin’ deodorant and came out on some musty shit,” he continues with a stream-of-conscious delivery. In contrast, Lil Yachty sounds focused, even if he’s finding random things to brag about such as his DoorDash bill.

Yachty and YN Jay have previously collaborated on “Dookie Shoes” and “Blind Em.” Check out their new track below.

Quotable Lyrics
Ready for applause, got my heat clappin’
Ready for the fuckin’ studio, I keep rappin’
Fuck the rap game, I keep trappin’
Trap house beat out, I keep slappin’
Bitch suckin’ dick all night, got her knees ashy

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