Cardi B Doesn’t Want Trump Impeached, Offers Alternative

Cardi B suggests jail instead of impeachment for President Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump was already impeached once, but that didn’t stop him from inciting a riot at the Capitol building yesterday, encouraging his MAGA supporters to march together to cause a ruckus. For months, Trump has been casting doubt on the results of the 2020 Presidential Election, declaring himself the rightful winner of the race, which is inaccurate and untrue. His rhetoric was anti-democratic, prompting thousands of his loyal followers to tear down security fencing, attack police, and breach the Capitol for the first time since the British attacked during the War of 1812. 

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Countless people, including Nancy Pelosi, have demanded the immediate impeachment of Donald Trump, asking for his removal from the White House. This would need to be done through the 25th amendment and, surprisingly enough, it’s not something that staunch anti-Trumpster Cardi B is supporting. She reckons that she has a better plan.

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After postponing the latest episode of her Facebook Watch show Cardi Tries because of yesterday’s events, Cardi B suggested that instead of impeaching the President, he should get locked up.

“I don’t wanna hear this ‘we impeaching trump’ sh*t. He only got a few days left at the office anyways,” she said on Twitter. “By the time he gets impeached he’ll be at his penthouse in NY already. How bout y’all put him in JAIL !!!!!!”

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While jail would be appropriate for Trump, who has committed some disgusting crimes against democracy in the United States, impeachment would prevent him from ever running for political office again, which would be great news to many. So, while Cardi’s plan is nice, impeachment and jail would be an even better result for everyone that has had to endure four years of this nonsense.

Do you think Trump should be impeached again? 

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