Nancy Pelosi Calls For Trump’s Impeachment, Congress Considers Pursuing

Trump’s impeachment would happen only days before January’s presidential inauguration.

Nancy Pelosi, the USA’s Speaker of the House, called on Thursday for Vice President Mike Pence and other members of the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment. This Amendment states that if the President is unable to perform his duties for whatever reason, the Vice President then becomes the President. 

Pelosi says that if Pence and the Cabinet are unable to do this, Congress will consider moving forward with impeachment proceedings against President Trump. These proceedings come after Trump incited rioters to attack and invade the US Capitol Building on Wednesday, January 6th, which Pelosi considered an “unspeakable assault on our nation and our people.” She also identified Trump as “a very dangerous person who should not continue in office.”

Trump Riot January 6
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Police officers stated that they were unable to control the rioters, who smashed Capitol windows, stole significant items, and ruined offices. One woman was shot and killed by Capitol police officers during the rioting. Many officers and rioters were injured or hospitalized. FBI and local DC police are currently reviewing security footage to prosecute those involved in these riots. 

Early on Thursday morning, Biden and Harris were certified as the winners of the 2020 Presidential Election. Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer claims that if the Cabinet fails to invoke the 25th Amendment, Congress should reconvene to impeach President Trump. This impeachment would come less than two weeks before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. 


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