BlackMayo Holds His Own On “OMO”

21 Savage is slowly but surely becoming everyone’s favorite internet rap sensation. When he’s not hosting countless rooms on Clubhouse, he’s singing along to his beloved R&B classics or trolling other artists online. Just yesterday, 21 took to them mean internet streets to clown YK Osiris over his custom Gucci suit claiming that Osiris “looked like a suitcase.” 

But 21 isn’t just a troll and CH moderator, he’s a dedicated artist who dropped his latest album, Savage Mode II in October and is the visionary behind his record label Slaughter Gang Entertainment. The latest artist to release a project from 21’s label is BlackMayo. His 2021 project OMO (On My Own) follows MayoWorld II that came out in 2019.

The rapper and producer from Bloomington, Indiana assures fans that this project was truly brought to life by the strength of his own artistry, captioning an Instagram post, “All this sh*t conducted by me fully hands on. All the songs (besides No Heart) engineered and recorded by me. All songs written by me. Art done by me. I really worked this shit out on my own. So I hope y’all enjoy it fr. This will be my last time I put out a project/ music engineered by me until I feel like I’ve mastered the mixing side of things.”

Stream BlackMayo’s OMO below and share your thoughts. 


1. ILI
2. Ride For Me
3. Pop My Sh*t
4. Don’t Even Know
5. Thankful
6. Friends ft. XanMan
7. Interlude ft. Jetsonmade
8. No Heart ft. Millie Go Lightly
9. Shady
10. What’s Good
11. Drunk ft.TYus
12. I’m Gone 

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