I want to have secret wedding – Evia Simon

Young, bold and beautiful Nollywood actress, Evia Simon has revealed why she would consider a secret wedding.

She told Sunday Scoop: “I wouldn’t mind having a secret wedding if I could possibly do that. I have found that social media does not do any good to relationships and marriages, especially if one decides to put everything about them on the Internet. If one looks at the lives of some people who opted for secret weddings, one would see that they are still very much in peace and harmony. Even if one decides to get a divorce, one can do that in peace and the whole world would not know that the relationship is no more .However, if it (divorce) is well publicised,  everyone would know about it. A secret wedding is actually not a bad idea.”

Evia Simon also said she is happy with her shape and is not willing to follow the trend of women going under the knife (cosmetic surgery) to enhance their beauty.

“These days, every girl wants to have a big bum and/or boobs. It has actually become a trend. However, my bum is okay for me. Why would I want to go under the knife? I am even yet to maximise the one I have. I don’t have plans for that now and even in the future.”

On how she copes as a single lady, especially during cold, lonely nights, she said, “As a single lady, I am used to lonely cold nights. It is not a new thing and I am not even sure there is anything called ‘lonely, cold night’ in my dictionary anymore. My nights are ‘normal’ because I like to sleep. When I am sleeping at night, I don’t even like anything to disturb me.”

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