Why the North is against restructuring – Pat Utomi

Pat utomi

A former presidential aspirant, Pat Utomi, has said some politicians in the north are afraid of restructuring, because they are don’t know where it will lead them.

Utomi stated this while speaking at a virtual media parley ahead of the ‘Never Again’ conference to mark 51 years after the civil war.

According to the professor of political economy, the north largely relies on the federal government for their share of revenue, which “has made them really unproductive”.

He said: “There is a real crisis in the north that the south does not understand. They are painters of people who hate each other very much; that is the truth of the matter.

“That is why they are scared of restructuring because they don’t know where it will lead them, and outside of Nigeria, they are formless; there is no north.”

Utomi, however, urged northerners to dismiss such fears, saying restructuring will help them “become productive and move away from the poverty status”.

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