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fortnite season 5 week 7 challenges

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It might be hard to believe, but we’re already going into Week 7 of Fortnite Season 5, and with that comes a whole new set of quests to complete.

Instead of having challenges that we’ve become used to, Season 5 switched to Quests, which are pretty much the same thing, but several of them will require you to complete others first before you can move onto the next.

Thanks to the v15.20 update, we know exactly what to look forward to with this upcoming week of challenges, so we can actually get a hard start on what we’ll have to do.

Unlike previous weeks, it’s looking most of these quests will be quite straightforward, so let’s just dive right in and get a look at them.

Fortnite Week 7 Epic Quests

Like every week this season, there will be Epic quests that last the entire season, and then a set of Legendary quests that’ll only last for the week.

Courtesy of Fortnite leaker FireMonkey, let’s take a look at the Epic ones first.

  • Visit Houses in Slurpy Swamp in One Match (0/3)
  • Collect Books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands (0/5)
  • Consume Shield Potions (0/3)
  • Destroy Slurp Barrels (0/10)
  • Search Chests in Slurpy Swamp (0/7)
  • Gain Max Shields in a Single Match (0/1)
  • Eliminations with Zero Shield (0/1)

Surprisingly enough, almost all of these can be done in Slurpy Swamp. That’s where you’ll be visiting houses and searching chests, and it’ll also be where you can destroy Slurp Barrels, get max shields and even eliminate people with zero shield.

This is otherwise a pretty low-key drop spot, so it looks like things will be getting very busy in Week 7. Let’s move onto the Legendary quests.

Fortnite Week 7 Legendary Quest

Like previous weeks, this will just be one quest, but it’ll have multiple tiers to complete. This week, we’ll have to damage opponents in vehicles.

  • Damage opponents in vehicles (0/500/1000/1500/2000/2500)

Remember, this will only be sticking around for a week, so you’ll need to move fast if you want to get all of your XP here.

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