You can’t be a feminist and a Christian — Reno Omokri says

Controversial author, Reno Omokri, has advised Christian women dabbling into feminism that they can’t do both at the same time.

According to the formal presidential assistant, who spelt out the bible while buttressing his point made stated that if a woman must be Christian, then she must submit to her husband as the bible stipulated. He also went further to say that feminism and Christianity can’t co-exist.

Read his post below;

”You can be a feminist, or you can be Christian. But you can’t be feminist and a Christian. A Christian wife must submit to her husband. A feminist does not submit to a man. Thus, feminism (as is currently defined ) cant coexist with Christianity”

Kemi Filani News recalls , Reno Omokri, has jabbed into the new trend of Stingy Associations with his latest post.

In a series of tweet, Reno Omokri shared a piece of advise to Stingy Women Association urging them to mandate some of its members to keep their legs closed to men who are stingy with giving them money.

The tweets reads:

Dear Stingy Women Association,
There is no correlation between opening your legs and getting money, other than prostitution. Any girl who subscribes to that, whether jokingly, or otherwise, is affirming harlotry. If you need money, open a business, not your legs! RenosNuggets

In another tweet, he advised slay queens of the Stingy Women Association that there was no correlation between opening their legs and getting money, other than prostitution and that any girl who subscribes to it whether jokingly or otherwise, has affirmed harlotry.

”This stingy women Association, where slay queens say if men who are not married to them, don’t give them money, they will close their legs, is proof of what I have been teaching all these years. That is prostitution. Let s not sugar coat truth”

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