15 Best Hot Towel Warmers for Home & Spa (2021)

15 Best Hot Towel Warmers for Home & Spa (2021)

If you’ve been saving to buy a high-quality towel warmer, but you don’t have the budget for an electrician to do the wall mounting and wiring, this free standing towel warmer is an excellent option. It heats up quickly and has ten crossbars for plenty of hanging room. The vertical and horizontal bars heat up evenly, so no worries that the edges of your towels will still feel cool. 

Made from 19/8 stainless steel with a brushed finish, it will look terrific in most modern bathroom settings. Because it’s plugged in, they even provide a matching brushed stainless plate cover to go with. Classy idea. You can opt to unplug it when you’re not at home or using this warmer, but it also has a convenient on/off switch to do the same duty. 

With a 7 day/24 hour programmable timer, you can set up the warmer to have your towels toasty when you shower each morning. You will need a three-prong outlet to use this piece. At 38 inches tall and 33 inches wide, it’s just 12 inches deep, so despite its size, it has a fairly compact profile.

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