CJ Airs Out His Grievances On "Politics"

CJ Airs Out His Grievances On "Politics"

CJ burst onto the scene back in 2020 with his hit song “Whoopty” and since that time, fans have been clamoring for more. Of course, CJ fully embraced the drill sound that has swept its way through New York over the past couple of years. The track had some hard 808 slides and a vocal sample that was easy to remember. Now, CJ is here with a project called Loyalty Over Royalty and the intro “Politics” certainly brings forth some of those “Whoopty” vibes.

With this track, we get another 808-heavy beat all while a similar vocal sample is hanging in the background. CJ delivers solid flows and braggadocios lyrics, all while lamenting about the politics he deals with on a daily basis. It’s yet another dope effort from the young star, and you can catch it, below.

CJ also recently sat down with HNHH as part of our “Rise And Grind” series, so be sure to check out that interview right here.

Quotable Lyrics:

SSO and that’s to my day go
She know I’m lit, fuego
I stay on the block like LEGO, uh
Fuck that, what’s that?
I’m callin’ a blitz, better rush that
Touch that, trust that

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