Drake’s Baby’s Mother Sophie Brussaux Speaks On Raising Adonis & Her New Black Artistry Series

Drake's Baby's Mother Sophie Brussaux Speaks On Raising Adonis & Her New Black Artistry Series

The former adult film star recently spoke out about her art and raising her three-year-old toddler with Drake.

Back in 2018, Drake shocked fans when he revealed he shared a son with 31-year-old French artist Sophie Brussaux. At the time, Brussaux had been making a living as an adult film actress while quietly feeding her hobby for visual and fine arts. Since then, the mother of Adonis Graham has made quite the name for herself in the art scene, with her work landing in multiple art shows and exhibitions across the world. In a recent interview with Complex, the artist dished about Adonis’ natural artistic talent as well as her non-profit work and new Black Artistry Series. 

Currently, the France native serves as Chief Visionary Officer of Arts Help, a Toronto-based non-profit she co-founded a couple of years ago. The organization recently debuted its Black Artistry Series, a project that helps underrepresented creatives flaunt and explore their identity in celebration of Black History Month. The series launched last month and has already showcased a nice array of talent. 

“The art in this series must be amplified and celebrated because much of the work, like my paintings, conveys through art what words can complicate,” Brussaux tells Complex. “Art throughout history has generally lacked diversity. Assuming art is to serve as a moral compass for people, what does it say about its society if it doesn’t even include all its members?”

She continued discussing becoming a mother back in 2017 with the birth of her son with Drake.  “Becoming a mother was the transcendental experience that showed me the way,” she explained, adding that art and motherhood are two of her biggest callings in life. “It’s born out of agape love for my son, art, and our fellow earthers. I used to paint for fun, and I still do, but now I paint with a purpose.” 

She added that the three-year-old’s natural born-artistic abilities have begun to show already. “Art is a big part of the fun activities we do at home. We draw, create, we dance, and paint,” Brussaux shares. “Adonis is a very artistically inclined child. Whatever he chooses to do later in life he will have my full and loving support. We frame his paintings and put them up in the house next to other artists’ works. I want him to grow up seeing the value in the art he produces at every age.”

Read the full interview with Brussaux here. 


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