Joel Embiid Reveals Why He Is “Unguardable”

Joel Embiid Reveals Why He Is "Unguardable"

Joel Embiid is feeling extremely confident these days.

Joel Embiid has been having himself a phenomenal season with the Philadelphia 76ers and at this point, there are some fans who think he can go out and win the MVP award. This would certainly be a huge accomplishment for the Sixers star as he has consistently been one of the best big men in the NBA. At this point, Embiid and the Sixers are looking like a top-tier team in the Eastern Conference, and if he continues this kind of play, the Sixers would be primed for a long run in the postseason.

While speaking to Tim Bontemps in a feature for ESPN, Embiid spoke about his current run, and how he feels about his skill set these days. As Embiid explained, he feels like he has blossomed into a versatile player who is virtually unguardable.

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“That’s what makes me unguardable,” Embiid said. “If you’re going to crowd me, I’m going to find my way to the free throw line or I’m going to end up at the basket. If you back up on me, I’ve got the hesi — that hesitation shot — and my favorite, just pull-up shot. [That’s] just an easy shot I always get in the post. So it’s hard [to stop me] when you’ve got that much. And also off the dribble just dribbling the ball and just making things happen. I’ve been adding a lot to my game, and it’s been working well.”

Embiid has every reason to be confident right now, and we can expect this confidence to carry through well into the end of the season. Only time will tell whether or not he can sure up that MVP trophy.

Joel Embiid

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