Kevin Gates Salutes The Real On “Waddup Homie Pt. 2”

Kevin Gates Salutes The Real On "Waddup Homie Pt. 2"

Kevin Gates has been quietly been releasing singles over the past few weeks with little promotional tactics. For Gates, his mysterious presence is arguably his most alluring, especially since his release from prison. Though he’s not at the stature of a Beyoncé, the surprise release tactic is still effective. For example, the release of yesterday’s Only The Generals Part II. Serving as the sequel to his 2019 EP, Gates offers a full LP on this one, stacked with 12 songs in total.

No features are attached to the project, which isn’t necessary for Gates, anyways. The rapper shines his best when he’s left to his own devices. On “Waddup Homie Pt. 2,” Gates brings fans into the world of bosses, detailing his rise from being Lil Kevin On Carolina to “supplyin’ my environment.” 

Check a highlight off of Only The Generals Part II below.

Quotable Lyrics
On my way back from Lafayette, I exit off of Highland 
Make a left on East Buchanan, press the pedal, we in throttle
Monte Carlo back, then I’m supplyin’ my environment
Just hit me for a hizzy, I’ma need about a hour
That’s a half a brick for n***as who ain’t rockin’ like I’m rockin’ 

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