Rockie Fresh, Tobi Lou & Jeff Kaale Team Up For Feel-Good Single “Gucci”

Rockie Fresh, Tobi Lou & Jeff Kaale Team Up For Feel-Good Single "Gucci"

Rockie Fresh is a rapper who seems to always be working. Last year, he released two new albums as well as the deluxe version of his 2019 album Destination, which included his popular track “Must Be” with Chris Brown. The 29-year-old Rick Ross protege hails from Chicago and has been making music consistently for more than 11 years. This new single, which features fellow Chicago rapper tobi lou and 22-year-old Lofi R&B artist Jeff Kaale, is the first track that Rockie Fresh is using to promote his upcoming album.

The trio seems like the perfect combination for this track, which combines the chill, serene R&B beats of Jeff Kaale with tobi lou’s pitched-up singing voice. The uplifting sound is the perfect accompaniment to the song’s lyrics, which talk about showing the people who weren’t there for you in your youth how well you’re doing now. In the chorus, tobi lou sings, “Bitch, I’m doing just fine / it’s okay / there’s a place / far away / that I visit sometimes / and it’s Gucci.” 

tobi lou’s mantra is “Just keep going.” The rapper used to be a two-sport athlete set on a Major League Baseball track in his youth, but an injury completely derailed his dreams. When he realized he had to find a new career path, he dove deep into his first and one true love: music. Inspired by legends like Common, Lupe Fiasco, and Kanye West, lou’s cheery attitude comes through on nearly all of his enchanting tracks. 

Listen to the new single below. 

Quotable Lyrics
Started from the bottom
You know I ain’t wanna be there
Stepped inside the game and I made every year a leap year

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