Tyga Remixes Reyanna Maria’s Viral Track “So Pretty”

Tyga Remixes Reyanna Maria's Viral Track "So Pretty"

Reyanna Maria is one of the newest artists on the hip hop scene, yet she’s already gotten a co-sign from Tyga. Reyanna wasn’t even planning on making “So Pretty” into an actual song at first, and the track stemmed from a Tik Tok duet with producer Kato On The Track. Her two videos of the duet received nearly 20 million views combined, and the original video got over 2 million likes and 17,000 comments. 


#duet with @katoproducer #fyp lmao the way i got scared bro

♬ Duet with Kato – Kato On The Track

Tyga liked Kato’s beat immediately, doing a duet of himself rapping over the beat back in January. Reyanna’s video got more likes, however, and fans were begging her to release it as an actual song. On January 21st, Reyanna released the official version of the song, making her musical debut after only singing covers on the video-sharing app. 

On Friday, Reyanna released the remix of her track, which featured rap legend Tyga. When Tyga saw Reyanna’s original video, he sent it to Steven Victor, who immediately signed Reyanna to Victor Victor Worldwide, whose parent company is Universal Music Group. Many wondered how she could get a co-sign from such a big name so early on in her career, but it seems as though Tyga saw some talent in her and is confident in her abilities. Reyanna is reportedly working on her debut EP. 

Listen to the remix below. 

Quotable Lyrics
I’m so pretty and he like that
When he beat it up, he deep inside that kitty cat
Kitty cat, losin’ focus like it’s Fetty Wap
Now where he at? ‘Cause I’m tryna make a movie stat

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