Adrien Broner Delivers Hilarious Remarks After Huge Win

Adrien Broner Delivers Hilarious Remarks After Huge Win

Adrien Broner offered up some of his signature humor on Saturday night.

Adrien Broner’s career has been through a ton of ups and downs over the last decade, especially following his loss to Manny Pacquiao, which led to one of his more scrutinized post-fight interviews. Since that time, Broner has been down on his luck and he even claims he only had $13 to his name. Last night, Broner officially turned things around as he defeated Jovanie Santiago via a unanimous decision.

Broner was able to secure $13 million in the win, and after the fight, he had some hilarious comments about what’s next for him. As you can see, Broner is ready to take his career more seriously, but not before partying it up.

“It is a different AB,” Broner said. “What happened was, I only had $13 coming into this mother fucking fight. We done flipped that into about $13 million so some things gonna change. I ain’t gonna lie, for the rest of the weekend we gonna pop bottles cash checks and have sex. But on Monday, it’s back to kicking ass and hitting bags though. Real talk.”

Following this win, Broner will be looking for a stronger opponent in his next bout, and there is no doubt he can secure even more cash. Despite a rough four years, it’s safe to say AB is back in business.

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