Fortnite Leak Reveals Upcoming Family Guy Collaboration

Fortnite Leak Reveals Upcoming Family Guy Collaboration

Epic Games

In what could possibly be the weirdest thing we’ve ever seen in Fortnite, and we’ve seen a lot of strange stuff, it appears that a crossover with Family Guy is on the way.

Throughout the entirety of Fortnite Season 5, we’ve seen crossovers with several different franchises as Jonesy rounded up hunters from all over. We don’t know what the hunters are protecting us from, but it looks like Peter Griffin will be able to help in some way.

Following the release of the two Street Fighter skins into the Item Shop, Epic decrypted the “FrenchFry” cosmetic, which was once tied to Freddy Fazbear, and it looks like it has confirmed a Family Guy crossover.

Family Guy Meets Fortnite

According to several Fortnite leakers, including FireMonkey, this is a real crossover that could potentially happen in the next couple of days.

Strangely enough, what was decrypted is the back bling texture and it looks like it plays out a iconic scene from the show where Peter fights the chicken.

It’s not really clear what that has to do with Fortnite other than the fact that Jonesy could show up during the scene and teleport him to the island.

For those of you out there who are thinking Family Guy is a bit too adult for the Fortnite audience, it’s important to note that we’ve already seen crossovers with The Walking Dead, Terminator and Predator, so nothing seems to be off the table in this case.

We don’t have much more information to share other than the fact it exists, but some other leaks can help us paint a clearer picture.

What’s That XL Skin?

Following the v15.40 update, Fortnite leaker Mang0e found out that an animation was added for an extra large male skin, which led many players to believe Thanos could show up in the season.

Well, that may no longer be the case because Peter Griffin could end up being the XL character. It’s really hard to imagine him being a skin players can buy if he’s really that big, but players will certainly still buy a Peter skin, no matter the size.

Something else that could happen is a special Family Guy LTM, but that would feel like a bit of a waste if there isn’t a skin to take home. Since the back bling was revealed to us, perhaps that’s all we’ll be able to win.

Whatever the case may be, this is shaping up to be an exciting crossover that effectively came out of nowhere.

Two More Crossovers

fortnite street fighter crossover

Epic GamesStreet Fighter is here.

Now that the Street Fighter skins are out, we are now down to two more crossovers left in the season, provided Epic doesn’t end up adding more to the mix.

It’s now looking like Family Guy will be the next franchise making its way through a portal, unless it’s released in a different way. That would leave us with just one more franchise and it’s really anybody’s guess as to where it could go next.

Fortnite Season 5 concludes in mid-March, so the crossovers will have to come fast.

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