Kodak Black & Mellow Racks Get Tattoos Of Each Other’s Names

Kodak Black & Mellow Racks Get Tattoos Of Each Other's Names

Kodak Black and his fianceé Mellow Rackz get some new ink celebrating their engagement.

Ever since Kodak Blackgot out of jail, he’s returned to living life to the fullest. He’s released a few singles, hit the club, reunited with some friends, and found love. Around Valentine’s Day, he revealed that he found a new boo, Mellow Rackz, who is apparently now engaged to the Florida rapper. It seems a bit rushed, given that they’ve barely been dating for that long but still, Kodak seems to be happy with his new bae.

It looks like both Mellow and Kodak have commemorated their love on their skin. In the words of Rick Ross, “Tat my name on your, girl, so I know it’s real.” And it appears that both parties have done exactly that. Photos of Mellow and Yak tattoos surfaced on the timeline today. Kodak slyly got her name tattooed on the back of his neck. It’s rather inconspicuous unless you look closely. However, the same can’t be said for Mellow Rackz who clearly wants the world to know that “Bill” is her man. Rackz got the rapper’s actual name, Bill, tattooed to her cheek in red ink.

Kodak’s love life, at this particular moment, would be worthy of a reality show. Apparently, prior to his engagement, he began seeing a woman named Rynaee Trill who claimed to be Kodak’s girlfriend before he got engaged. She shared receipts as well as a tattoo she got for Kodak. 

Check out Mellow’s post below. 

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