Lions Have Most Carryover Cap Space in NFC North

Lions Have Most Carryover Cap Space in NFC North


Rod Wood before a Lions game.

The Detroit Lions are heading into the 2021 offseason with plenty of goals, and quite possibly the biggest question at this point is what kind of funds the team will be operating with when they get there.

During the lead into the offseason, it’s common to look at the carryover number in terms of salary cap for teams. The good news? Detroit managed their money decently enough last season to have a good amount of cap carryover to use to their advantage. The Lions will carry over the most cap space from 2020 to 2021 this offseason in the NFC North as a recent post showed.

Obviously, given Detroit’s current situation, this might not be as significant as it would have been in the past, but it’s enough to keep the Lions just out of the red before they head into the 2021 offseason. More moves are going to have to be made in coming weeks in order to give the team a shot at being able to be players for what they need in free agency.

In the days ahead, the Lions figure to shake up their roster in a decent way, so they will likely add to the amount of cap space they have.

Lions 2021 Cap Space

At the moment, the lions are looking at about -$6 million or so in cap space based on a cap floor of 180 million, which has been said to be the total the league is looking at. While full salary details are not yet known, the carryover space means the Lions could be working with just around $6 million in cap space for next season at this very moment in time.

The Lions can make plenty of moves to expand their cap situation in the coming days. Some expensive players who could figure to be on the bubble to get released? Tight end Jesse James, cornerback Desmond Trufant, cornerback Justin Coleman, defensive lineman Danny Shelton and perhaps even linebacker Jamie Collins.

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Lions Free Agency Needs

The Lions have some big time needs in free agency to address this season that could take a fair bit of money to address. First and foremost, the team has to decide what to do at wide receiver, where they could pick up Kenny Golladay on the franchise tag and keep him around. Whether they do that or not, the Lions could use another wideout given Marvin Jones and Danny Amendola are moving on. Additionally, the Lions need help along their defensive front and at linebacker. They could also decide they need another running back to help the young players out as they had last year with Adrian Peterson.

All of this combines to likely ensure the Lions are not huge players in the market, but they should have enough money to operate comfortably when all is said and done given the change that is expected on the roster.

A big reason for this in the end will be the decent amount of money they are set to carry over from last season on the salary cap.

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