Mike Shinoda, iann dior, & Upsahl Deliver Good Vibes On “Happy Endings”

Mike Shinoda, iann dior, & Upsahl Deliver Good Vibes On "Happy Endings"

Mike Shinoda has had a legendary career in the music industry thanks to his time with Linkin Park. When Shinoda isn’t working with the band, he can be found doing his own thing and offering up some solo projects. His latest effort is a single with young artist iann dior, as well as the singer Upsahl. The track is called “Happy Endings” and it turns out to be a unique blend of styles.

The production has a lot of rock elements here as the guitar loop in the back helps deliver a pop-punk vibe. From there, Shinoda delivers emotional verses about struggle and triumph, while Upsahl and iann dior handle the hook, where melodies are aplenty. 

Shinoda’s voice will definitely make you feel some nostalgia, so be sure to give this track a listen.

Quotable Lyrics:

I place blame everywhere that it shouldn’t go
And that’s what’s keeping me up
Fallin’ apart, man, I keep it a buck
You still act like I’m holding you up
I still feel like I’m folding up

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