‘Nobody Wants Dasani Water’: Texas Crises Meme Goes Viral

‘Nobody Wants Dasani Water’: Texas Crises Meme Goes Viral


Bottles of Dasani water, a Coca-Cola product, were delivered to people of Texas without clean drinking water on February 19 2021.

They say no good deed goes unpunished, and after Coca-Cola donated six 18-wheeler trucks filled with bottles of Dasani water to Waco, Texas on February 19, Twitter filled with memes about how Texans would rather “die of dehydration” than have to drink that brand of water.

Coca-Cola delivered a total of 100 pallets of Dasani water to the Waco Convention Center on Thursday night, as reported by WFAA, to help locals who found themselves without water and power due to Winter Storm Uri.

While the City of Waco thanked Coca-Cola on Twitter, “In the midst of this emergency, Coca-Cola was the good-hearted, compassionate neighbor we needed. Your generous gift will always be remembered by those residents in need,” users online joked that locals would better off “melting snowballs” than drinking Dasani water.

One woman tweeted, If I ask you for a bottle of water & you hand me a dasani I’m just gonna assume you don’t care for my well being.”

Another user online tweeted, “This is not a joking time. However, I tried so hard holding that laugh in… but nobody ever buys Dasani water.”

One woman did rank Dasani water over another brand. She tweeted, “Dasani water tastes like there’s pennies at the bottom of the bottle BUT I would still rather drink Dasani than Arrowhead water.”

Dasani Water Received Similar Treatment On Twitter After Coronavirus First Broke Out in the U.S.

This far from the first time Dasani water has been slammed so hard on Twitter that it trended nationally on the social media site. Back in March, when the United States first went into lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, and basic essentials were flying off grocery store shelves, the one item still in large supply appeared to be Dasani water.

Twitter flooded with pictures, memes, and jokes featuring empty shelves with only Dasani water left. Users online commented on how much they dislike the taste of the product and their lack of surprise that nobody was burning Dasani water even amid a global pandemic.

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