15 Best Cooling Pillows for Sweaty Sleepers (Updated!)

15 Best Cooling Pillows for Sweaty Sleepers (Updated!)

Remember how comfy that water bed was in the 70s? This crazy cool pillow is like a waterbed for your head. I’ll admit it, I sleep on it every night, and while it’s marketed more for neck and back pain, I can tell you this pillow stays cool and comfy all night long. So much so, my spouse demanded one for himself.

I first started talking about cold pillows with my chiropractor, but I also let him know that I’d tried at least a dozen different pillows to get comfortable and stay cool since I’m a light sleeper. He asked if I’d consider a little different option, and brought this pillow out for me to look at.

Here’s why I love it, three years in and still counting. First, it’s completely adjustable to your desired firmness because you decide how much water to fill it with. It took about a week to get it just right, but I’ve never looked back. I purchased this cooling pillow while in the throes of menopause. After plenty of miserably sweaty nights with no sleep, I took to keeping the window open even in the coldest weather, much to my husband’s dismay.

Since I started sleeping on the Chiroflow pillow, I’ve stayed cool, slept better, and even though the hot flashes and night sweats are long gone, I can’t imagine sleeping on anything else. This pillow has the water bladder on the bottom, and a soft dacron fiber topper inside of a washable zip off cover. 

It hits about the middle of the range in terms of price, and it keeps me sleeping cool even during the hottest months. I personally give this one my biggest thumbs up. Once I added these bamboo pillowcases, it was even more cool and comfy. It’s perfectly supportive, and I never wake up with back or shoulder pain from a pillow that’s too thick or not flexible.

If you love memory foam and the idea of waterbase technology, the Mediflow Water Pillow is another awesome choice, and I can again say from experience, it will give you an awesome night’s sleep.

If you’re not sure about trying out a water pillow, this article helps break down the great reasons to give one a try.


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