15 Best Frying Pans: Your Easy Buying Guide

15 Best Frying Pans: Your Easy Buying Guide

Weight matters in the world of frying pans, which makes this heavy-duty cast iron Staub pan one of the best frying pans for your money. The pan is made in France and is a favorite among skilled home and professional chefs.

With a net weight of 5.89 pounds, this pan is a true workhorse in any kitchen. Helper handles offset some of that weight, especially when the pan is full.

If you find yourself striving for well-browned meat and other protein-rich foods, the pan’s heavy-duty cast iron heats up quickly and evenly for optimal results. It’s also renowned for its unique matte texture, which works particularly well for browning food. The temperature of the pan remains steady as you cook to avoid unwanted hot spots.

Cast iron pans aren’t the easiest to clean, but this Staub fry pan features pouring spouts to drain excess fat when you’re done. Some home chefs appreciate the pour spouts, while others wish the sides were taller and more streamlined. If you frequently cook larger quantities or flip ingredients, the pan’s unique design is something to consider prior to purchasing. While this pan is dishwasher safe, hand washing will ensure its longevity. 

As with most other cast iron cookware, this premium Staub pan is compatible with induction cooktops. It even has a smooth enamel bottom to avoid scratching delicate surfaces, unlike the typically rougher cast iron bottoms. Aside from induction, the pan works on all stovetops, including gas, electric, ceramic, glass and halogen.

The Staub fry pan is oven safe up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit and seamlessly transitions from the kitchen to your dining table. You can easily show off your personality with the numerous available colors.

Want a more affordable alternative? We recommend the Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Tempered Glass Lid. This 10.25-inch frying pan is made with heavy-duty cast iron and even comes with a lid, making it a highly versatile addition to your kitchen.

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