‘Christmas Waltz’ Director Wants Hallmark to Make a Sequel

‘Christmas Waltz’ Director Wants Hallmark to Make a Sequel

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If you loved Hallmark’s 2020 movie Christmas Waltz as much as many other Hallmark fans did, then there’s something you can do to help convince the network to make a sequel.

The ‘Christmas Waltz’ Director Wants You to Write Hallmark & Ask for a Sequel


Hallmark fans fell in love with Christmas Waltz, starring Will Kemp and Lacey Chabert. In fact, they love it so much that they’ve been clamoring for a sequel. Michael Damian, who directed the movie and co-wrote it with Janeen Damian, told fans that if they want a sequel, they’re going to need to talk to Hallmark.

Damian, who is also an executive producer for the movie, wrote on Twitter: “We need to get everyone to write @hallmarkchannel and request it.” 

This was in response to a fan writing: “Michael–how’s our sequel coming along??”

Of course, quite a few fans tweeted at Hallmark right away to ask for a sequel. One fan wrote: “Are you kidding?—don’t they see all our tweets? @hallmarkchannel @hallmarkmovie–Don’t they see how it stayed their Number 1 Movie? Give up some new contacts so we can request a sequel. #ChristmasWaltz @IamWillKemp @IamLaceyChabert #Kempers @michaeldamian1″ 

Another fan wrote: “Yes we need to see the Christmas waltz again. Just tweeted hallmark.”

On February 8, a fan wrote: “@michaeldamian1 @JaneenDamian I hope you guys have a SEQUEL to ChristmasWaltz rolling around in your head dying to get out! Or maybe it already is…@hallmarkchannel @Bart_Fisher @MichelleVicary We are holding out for a Beloved Sequel! @IamLaceyChabert @IamWillKemp.” 

Director Michael Damian was an actor for an award-winning daytime drama, The Young and the Restless, where he played Danny Romalotti for 421 episodes. He directed Hallmark’s The Christmas Waltz, and many other productions, including The Sweeter Side of Life, A Princess for Christmas, and Marley & Me: The Puppy Years.

The prolific director hinted that he’s working on something new, though it’s not clear if it’s the long-awaited sequel to Christmas Waltz or a different project. Damian wrote on Twitter: “working on something as we speak. I can’t give out the details but fingers crossed that you all will love it.”

Damian is taking time to share some tweets from fans asking for a sequel.

He’s certainly sharing positive responses about the idea of a new movie:

And fans are sharing their enthusiasm for the idea:

So if you want to join in, tweet to @hallmarkchannel and tell them how much you’d love to see a sequel.

‘Christmas Waltz’ Ranked #1 Among Total Viewers in the Week of Its Debut

According to a Crown Media press release, Christmas Waltz averaged a 3.9 household rating on its debut, with 3.9 million total viewers (and 5.1 million unduplicated total viewers.) It was the #1 program of the week among total viewers, with only Candace Cameron Bure’s If I Only Had Christmas being close in total viewers. It was part of Hallmark’s Thanksgiving week movie premieres in its Countdown to Christmas lineup.

Crown Media wrote: “Christmas Waltz outperformed all ad-supported cable and major broadcast networks in the Saturday 8-10p time period among Households, Women 18+ Women 18-34, Women 18-49, Women 25-54, Adults 25-54, and Total Viewers.”

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