Fortnite Fans Once Again Think Jonesy’s Tie is Key to Season 5 Event

Fortnite Fans Once Again Think Jonesy’s Tie is Key to Season 5 Event

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The beginning of Fortnite Season 5 got off to a fast start thanks to the Zero Point becoming unstable.

As a result of this, we’ve seen characters from all sorts of different universes appear in the game with Jonesy rounding them all up.

He’s spent the majority of this season traveling everywhere and gathering this characters, but many players are now starting to notice something interesting about him.

As recently as the Terminator trailer, players saw that his tie went from being around his neck to around him arm, essentially starting the transformation into his skin in the game.

While that could prove to be something that ties (no pun intended) into the grander scheme of things, some fans believe something else going on with the tie.

Many people are noticing that the color of the tie has shifted from blue in the season trailer to red, and they believe this could potentially mean something. Let’s take a look.

Jonesy’s Tie is the Key

Agent Jones’s tie is red in the crossover trailers but is black in the season trailer from FortNiteBR

In a Reddit post by diabeetus_deletus, the user notes that Jonesy’s tie changed color, which is a bit odd if you think about it.

Yes, people do change clothes daily, but when it comes to video games, you don’t really see it done a whole lot. It does seem like a strange thing to change here, and you can even see the suit is a different color too.

This was also pointed out by Reddit user TheHeeper55, so it’ll be interesting to see if this ends up meaning anything.

Agent Jonesy’s Tie Changed Colors After The Season 5 Story and Battle Pass Trailers. Strange. from FortNiteBR

It seems clear that his outfit has definitely changed, but what does it mean? For the time being, there’s not a whole lot to go off here, but Epic typically has a reason for doing the things the way they do them.

Perhaps the point was to show that Jonesy looked clean and proper at the start of the season but as time went on, he went through a lot of things and hasn’t gotten much of a chance to get his appearance in order.

What’s The Point of All This?

The million dollar question of the whole season has been why is Jonesy even rounding up all of these characters in the first place?

Our latest group of characters to enter Fortnite hail from the Street Fighter universe, and there’s even a leak that suggests there could be a Family Guy crossover in the cards too.

By the end of this season there will be several new characters in the game, but the whole idea behind it all was to fight back against a growing threat.

With just a few weeks left in Season 5, we still don’t even know what that threat is, and if Epic wants to get a storyline going, now would seem like the perfect time to start laying the foundation for that.

The various characters coming through the Zero Point is a cool concept, but it’d definitely be a let down if all of this has no impact on the main story. We know a lot of people were disappointed with how easily Galactus was defeated in Season 4, so it’d be nice to not have a repeat of that.

Only time will tell what the case is.

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