Herdsman attacks 18-year-old over alleged stolen cow in Bayelsa

Fulani-Herdsmen allegedly machete farmer to death while sleeping in the farm in Ogun state

A young man, Kohgi Nation, has been attacked by a herdsman in Bayelsa State over a cow that is allegedly missing.

The incident happened at Otuoke community in the Ogbia Local Government Area of the State.

According to the report, the herder attacked the victim with a machete and inflicted him with injuries on his head and hand after alleging that he stole his cow.

Kohgi’s father, Mr. Goodhead Nation, a 58-years-old man, was lucky enough to escape some bruises on his left hand.

Mr. Goodhead said his son underwent over four-hour surgery at the Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa, where he was rushed to.

The incident was said to have occurred at around 5 pm on Friday while they were working on the palm farm.

Nation said, “The Fulani herder came through the back entrance of my farm. He came to me and accused us of stealing his cow.

“We denied the theft and told him to look at us whether we looked like people who can kill a cow. He attacked me with his stick.

“He later brought out his machete and chased my son. We later discovered my son by the riverside with heavy machete cuts to the head, waist, and hand.”

Ijaw Youth Council, when commenting on the event, condemned it, saying it’s an attack to many.

The spokesperson of the IYC, Ebilade Ekere, reacting to the incident after a visit to the victim at the hospital, said it was an isolated attack. Hence any reprisal attack should be shelved.

He said, “Let me say this is not the first time the herdsman incident has happened. But this attack is one too many. Considering the mood of the country, the Ijaw youth should not carry out a reprisal. It is an isolated attack. We do not want to believe that the attack was planned”.

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