Lions Could Make Bold Move With Regards to Kenny Golladay Situation

Lions Could Make Bold Move With Regards to Kenny Golladay Situation


Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones laugh on the sidelines.

The Detroit Lions have plenty of options with wideout Kenny Golladay, and interestingly enough, the franchise tag isn’t the only option the team has with their wideout.

Detroit could bring back Golladay on the franchise tag soon, and could also ponder doing an extension with the wideout. But what if there is another move the team could make with Golladay which could also make sense for a rebuilding team via trade?

Recently, a pice by Nick Baumgardner of The Athletic touched on the different options the Lions have with Golladay. One interesting outcome is perhaps tagging the wideout and then dealing him. In that scenario, the Lions could potentially fetch a second-round pick.

Golladay could be close to a lock to be franchise tagged or extended, but the mystery is if the Lions want to commit to him long-term or not. If they don’t, being able to be flexible and score another high draft pick for the rebuild could be the best course of action for the team moving forward.

Could Golladay command this high of a draft pick? It’s more than possible given the need for elite wideouts on the market. The Lions could also want to keep Golladay, but the thought of cashing in on another high pick could be enticing for the Lions in the future.

Either way, there is going to be a decision that is reached soon.

Lions Franchise Tag Deadline Approaching

The time is ticking on the Lions and their deadline. This week, the period will open where the Lions can make up their mind and decide what to do with Golladay. The period for franchise or transition tags from February 23 until March 9, just ahead of the start of the new league year. It seems almost certain that the Lions will approach this like they have been recommended to by Pro Football Focus, with Brad Holmes slapping the tag on Golladay, then working a deal out over the course of the 2021 season, either to stay in Detroit or move him to another location.

It’s impossible to know what Holmes is thinking, but having Golladay around to work with Jared Goff would seem to be the wisest course of action for the team at this point in time so soon into everyone’s tenure.

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Kenny Golladay Decision Looming Over Lions

Detroit will have a choice to make with regards to Golladay, who’s been a home-grown talent. Do they keep him and elect to use the franchise tag and then work a long-term deal, or do they simply cut bait with the productive wideout? The team could be looking at needing some big salary cap moves in order to finagle a Golladay reunion, but it’s something they should look closely at doing given the wideout’s overall talent. He’s been a big play waiting to happen the last few seasons, and keeping him around could be in the best interest of the team moving forward.

No matter if they bring Golladay back or not, wideout could be on the menu in the draft. If they elect to let Golladay walk and then get another asset, that might only be more of the case.

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