Mike & Lauren Sorrentino Reveal Plans For A Second Baby

Mike & Lauren Sorrentino Reveal Plans For A Second Baby


Lauren Pesce and Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino attend MTV’s “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” New York premiere party at PHD at the Dream Downtown on April 4, 2018 in New York City.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation stars Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his wife Lauren Sorrentino are talking about plans for a second baby – before they even welcome their first one.

While filming the  MTV reality show in Las Vegas last fall, the couple found out they were expecting their first child when Lauren took a pregnancy test in a hotel bathroom. The happy news came about a year after Lauren, 36, suffered a devastating miscarriage.

In December, Mike and Lauren used blue Christmas tree lights to reveal their baby will be a boy.

While Baby Boy Sitch hasn’t arrived yet, the college sweethearts are already planning a sibling for their son.

Lauren Sorrentino Revealed That She Wants to Have Her Kids Close Together to ‘Get the Baby Stage Out of The Way’

Mike and Lauren both grew up in families with four kids, so they knew right away they wanted their child to have siblings. In a recent interview, the two revealed that they will start trying for a second baby shortly after Lauren gives birth.

“It’s so funny. She’s like, ‘Honey, right after we have this first one, we’re going to have another one,’” Mike told Us Weekly. “I was like, ‘Honey, let’s calm down. One step at a time.’ But I think she’s onto something. We definitely would like around three children, I think.”

Lauren admitted that three kids sounds like an “aggressive” number, but added, “We both grew up in big families. He’s one of four, I’m one of four, but it’s a lot. So it’ll definitely be more than one, and everyone says, like, get the baby stage out of the way, so we might just keep going.”

Mike & Lauren Said They Were Grateful That Their Pregnancy Reveal Was Documented By ‘Jersey Shore’ Cameras

Mike and  Lauren both said they were grateful that their baby story was captured on camera.

In a poignant Instagram post, Lauren captioned a clip from the pregnancy reveal that was seen on Jersey Shore.

“These are the moments I will cherish forever,” the mom-to-be wrote. “So grateful to have these special moments documented. Yes, it was scary when we filmed this but we decided to let go and let God lead the way – and for that I am grateful.”

Lauren also revealed that she was “so glad” they let cameras film the special moment.

“Having these memories is priceless,” she wrote. “The whole crew was crying with us when we found out, what a surreal moment watching that back tonight! “

Mike has already said that becoming a father is part of his comeback story after his fall from grace due to substance abuse and after serving time in prison for tax evasion.

“God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers,” the former Dancing With the Stars contestant wrote on Instagram. “Welcome to our Comeback story & newest member of the Situation family.”

Mike and Lauren’s new role as parents will likely be documented on the next season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

The Situation recently replied to a fan on Twitter who said they are hoping “there’s more seasons” of Jersey shore.

“Filming now,” Mike replied, along with a movie camera and pregnant woman emoji.

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