Joshua Williams Opens Fire At Jefferson Gun Outlet in Newly Released Surveillance Footage: JSPO [WATCH]

Joshua Williams Opens Fire At Jefferson Gun Outlet in Newly Released Surveillance Footage: JSPO [WATCH]


In this surveillance footage, Joshua Jamal Williams, 32, allegedly opens fire at the Jefferson Gun Outlet Saturday, February 20, 2021, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office

Joshua Jamal Williams allegedly shot a woman to death at the Jefferson Gun Outlet, then returned to shoot and kill a store clerk, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. Newly released surveillance footage shows a portion of the shooting that left three dead, including the shooting suspect.

You can watch the video here or below. Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said Williams went to the Metarie gun shop and indoor shooting range to buy ammo when the Jefferson Gun Oulet, popular with military personnel and off-duty cops, turned into a bloodbath. The shooting occurred just before 3 p.m. on Saturday, February 20, 2021.

Here’s what you need to know:

Surveillance Video Shows a Man Investigators Identified as Josh Williams Opening Fire at the Jefferson Gun Outlet

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office released a brief clip from surveillance footage which they said shows Williams opening fire at the Jefferson gun shop. The 11-second video shows the man walking briskly down a hallway. He stops at a doorway, walks passed it and then returns, firing multiple shots through the doorway. He then continues down the hall and out a door, appearing to shout or scream while walking quickly out of the store.

Williams died when employees exchanged gunfire with him. The two others who were killed were Veronica Billiot, 59, of Belle Chasse and Herbert “Noah” Fischbach, 47, of Jefferson.

Lopinto said Williams, 32, of New Orleans entered the store with a loaded firearm. An employee told him he was required to unload the gun if he wanted to stay in the store. He was asked to unload the gun multiple times, Lopinto said. He then went toward the exit and fired a shot into the air. Billiot was walking toward the door, and Lopinto said Williams pointed the gun at her and shot her, leaving her dead. Williams then left briefly and returned into the store, targeting Fishbach, who was shot and killed.

Employees exchanged gunfire with Williams in two separate exchanges, both times he was in the store, according to Lopinto. One employee was shot and injured in each incident. They were in stable condition. Williams was gunned down in the parking lot, where he died.

There were a total of eight shooters, which included Lopinto and seven employees. He said there were no customers who fired shots.

Williams Was at Jefferson Gun Outlet With His Brother, Timothy Williams & 2 Young Nephews

Williams and his brother, Timothy Williams were at the Jefferson Gun Outlet the day of the shooting with Joshua Williams’ two nephews, ages 7 and 8. Investigators said Timothy Williams is cooperating in the investigation. He told WDSU his brother “flipped out” and he wishes he could apologize to the store employees. He said he does not know why his brother opened fire.

Friends of the victims paid tribute online. Fishbach was a married father, who was called a favorite employee of many regulars at the Jefferson Gun Outlet. He recently celebrated his 14th anniversary.

Deanna Theis, a woman identifying herself as a friend of Fischbach, shared a photo of him on Facebook.

“This is Noah Fischbach, one of the employees/victims in yesterday’s mass shooting at Jefferson Gun Outlet where I’ve been shooting,” she wrote. “47, father, husband, just celebrated his 14th wedding anniversary. I helped him with his cat a few years ago. He loved his cat. Anytime I saw him we talked animal rescue and cats. Genuinely good guy. Helpful & knowledgeable in his field. Saw him the end of December. He said I needed another gun and to come back and see him. Then we talked about kittens. Such a loss…my heart breaks for his family.”

Heather Devall wrote on Facebook about her interactions with Fischbach at the store.

“Noah Fischbach was my favorite person in this store,” she wrote. “He made my knowledge of firearms and cartridges much better but constant conversations in our interactions buying what we have from him. He will never know the impact he made on our lives and while we didn’t make it in often anymore. We will definitely miss him.”

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