Unlikely ‘Best Friends’ Emerge From The Challenge: Double Agents

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The Challenge: Double Agents

It may come as a surprise to viewers, but two competitors formed a strong friendship in the house on The Challenge: Double Agents, one star revealed recently. In a Q&A on her Instagram, British reality star Tula “Big T” Fazakerley was asked who her closest male friend was and she said that Devin Walker has become a “best friend in and outside of the house.”

So far in the season, Big T and Devin have been working together, especially after Big T was paired up with CT, one of Devin’s friends in the house. Devin then became partners with Gabby Allen, one of Big T’s closest friends in the house, solidifying their alliance even more.

In one episode a few weeks ago, the two were seen having a heart-to-heart conversation about losing a parent alongside Kyle Christie and Amber Martinez but there haven’t been many other scenes showing the two interacting. A couple of days ago, Big T revealed that the two are still close now and Devin’s been “such a support,” the Shipwrecked star said.

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Big T Said She Met Devin on the ‘Double Agents’ Season & They Now Have a Very Strong Friendship

In response to a fan asking her to name her “male bestie,” Big T said, “Obviously I came in with Kyle and I’m really close with Fessy but like this season I met Devin and he’s definitely like a best friend in and outside of the house.” She spoke about the episode in which she shared that she’d been adopted when she was younger, “gifted” to a relative and revealed that her mother and father have both since passed.

In her Instagram video, she said:

When I opened up about me being adopted and my parents passing what wasn’t shown was that Devin actually stayed with me for about three or four hours while I was like crying, in tears, and he really showed support for me.

She said she “feels bad” that the edit made it seem like he turned the nice moment into a fight with Amber Martinez and he got criticized online for “ruining” the moment. She concluded, “Even outside of the house we have a really really strong friendship and he’s been such a support to me mentally.” Here is the video:

Devin Recently Said It’s Been an ‘Honor’ to Compete on ‘The Challenge’ Again After Not Being Cast for a Few Seasons

Devin recently shared how happy he was to be back on The Challenge after not appearing on the show since Final Reckoning. In an appearance on The Buzz, Devin said, “I didn’t expect really ever to do a Challenge again because a lot of people don’t know this but… it wasn’t like I decided to take time away from The Challenge.”

He said he had a “fall from grace” after his “embarrassing” season and he’s now hoping that Double Agents is the beginning of a successful career on the show. Devin said he was called as an alternate for other seasons but did not make the final cut so being back on the show is “kind of an honor.”

Devin also explained to the hosts that he’d taken his first few seasons for granted and didn’t imagine that he might eventually be on the outside. He said now that he’s been on the other side, he’s become more grateful for being back on the show.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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