A Man Was Seen Beating His GrandMother Because Pastor Said She Is A Witch – Video

Wonders shall never ends, A twitter user has uploaded a video of a man beating his grandmother because he was told by one greedy pastor that she is a witch.

Sam Itauma wrote:

“Can you imagine this man beating his grandmother consequent upon a pronouncement by his greedy pastor that this hapless, poor woman is a witch? I hope he hasn’t killed this woman yet.Some pastors with blunt conscience are bent on destroying families to…”

According to some sources, he was doing so to cast demons out of her after his pastor declared her a witch. A social media user known as Sam Itauma shared the video on the social media platform.

He continued, any extent provided they attain their avaricious goal. This is a common phenomenon in African Countries nowadays. Thousands of elderly men and women are silently tortured and killed. Sometimes they’re bundled and set ablaze by irate youths after some pastors accused them of.

Witchcraft practice or someone dies; maybe a young person suffer from terminal illness.
Our leaders are indeed complicit in this heinous crime because they do very little or nothing to stop this ugly trend.

Watch the heart touching video below;

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