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  1. Please,Facebook is really complaining that the sponsored post which I usually post on my timeline is going against their community standard on spam.
    Please, it’d be nice if you can look for alternative ways where each member can post the sponsored post so as to stop going against Facebook rules.

  2. What should I do please
    I registered a friend, after putting the first name, last name, email, and the code ,I can’t see where to put username and password,,l clocked on complete registration expecting it to take me to where I can enter username and password but no way and my referral balance has not been credited.. please what should I do

    1. Please, how do i rectify this issue? Registered someone, didnt see option for username and password, the registration went successful but the person cannot login even after receiving a confirmation in his email for successful registration. What do i do?

  3. Please ooo, I have a proposal to make, am new here but this immiguy is becoming boring to me. Admin could you please upload more news for us everyday so that (new) members can earn more activities earnings. With this, immiguy will become an interesting platform. Thank you.

  4. Again, we were informed that commenting is #10, why is it that they pay me #5.
    My referrals insisted they must see my own testimony be4 they join. Please don’t skip meπŸ™ while paying on 25th ooo so I can draw more members to join us.
    Thank you

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