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Date: 11th July 2020


Do you leave wall geckos in your house? You need to read this.

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Many  of us are occupied with examining how corona infection is lethal and all that not knowing there is another basic making of God in a portion of our homes that a progressively risky to our reality.

The tricky house lizard known as wall Gecko additionally called Agube in I do ma fell into a pot of soup arranged by a housewife in Nigeria unconsciously and it killed the lady and her 5 children after eating.

Another lady who arranged tea in a pot which the Gecko fell into, all the family that the family that drank the tea passed on.

It would be ideal if you guarantee your food prepared or crude is firmly shut as this creature is profoundly noxious.

Along these lines do everything conceivable to dispose of this perilous creature from your home.

To kill it absolutely in your home, simply mix salt and Garlic and put it in various corners of your room. You will never see them again.

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