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Immiguy Top 10 Affiliate Earners

Meet The Big Guys On Immiguy Income Program.
How To Get Referrals and Become One Of The Big Guys On Immiguy Income Program

Hi Everyone, today I am going to share with you guys how to sky-rocket your affiliate earning for free. With this piece of information i am about to share, you will start making nothing less than N20,000 – N50,000 weekly on Immiguy Income Program.


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People are cashing out weekly with Affiliate Earning just by the use of Facebook and other social media platform. See how people advertise on Facebook groups to get Referrals you too can do the same, even better.

  1. Join lots of Facebook group
  2. Advertise there and collect people WhatsApp number
  3. Add them to your WhatsApp group or Invite them to your group
  4. Set your group only Admins to comment to avoid spam.
  5. Add at least over 150 people to your whatapp group daily trust me you are going to be making over 100k monthly
  6. Tell them about the business and how it works.
  7. Show them over 7-10 alert testimonies from our Facebook group.
  8. You need to be doing it consistently even when you see no result, just know that there’s a beautiful day ahead..
  9. Register them and start making cool cash daily…

How to Create your Advert On your WhatsApp status, Facebook stories, groups and timeline… Tag your friends who you know would want to benefit from this earning opportunity. Post something like this

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If anyone find it amazing and he is interested, he will surely text you to learn more about How it Works. Now introduce him to Immiguy Income Program, guide him on a successful registration with your referral link and earn your affiliate commission. Do this for 10 person daily and you are already making N10,000 daily. Daily Payment is Guaranteed for Affiliate Earners. See an example of an Immiguy Income Earner like you;

Join Many Facebook Groups To Advertise On. At Least 5 New Groups Daily

Also don’t forget to join Students Facebook groups. you can find these out by just searching on Facebook for any school and then click groups. You can also send your Whatsapp group link as messages to several people. So that they can join your group. There are over 50 Million Nigerians on Facebook, start converting. Happy Earnings.